About Timeshare

What is a timeshare? Timeshares provide the best in annual accommodations for your family! They guarantee a preplanned vacation to one destination, or can allow for discovery of many destinations over the years. Whether you are interested in staying in the same unit, the same week, year after year, or if you wish for more flexibility and variety with a points package or a vacation club, there is the right timeshare for you!!

Few families can afford the expenses and upkeep of a second home, however almost anyone can afford a timeshare resale. More and more families are discovering that timeshares are more like spacious luxury condos than hotel units, and allow for all the conveniences of home. Most timeshare units have separate bedrooms, living and dining areas, and include a fully equipped kitchen—this way, owners save money by cooking in their unit versus going out for meals. Only timeshares allow for this type of convenience in such a luxury setting! Owners also can expect spectacular amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, children’s programs, and access to tennis, golf, beaches, and spas.

With thousands of resorts across the globe, you can buy or rent an affordable timeshare guaranteed to exhilarate every type of vacationer! Renters can ensure variety in their timeshare adventures by picking a different rental for each vacation without the commitment of ownership. With affordable rental pricing, vacationers can utilize a luxury, condominium style unit with amazing amenities for the cost of a budget hotel unit. Renters will be treated like guests of the owners, with no obligation to take a tour or purchase anything, and can pick and choose the price, dates, and resort of their liking by renting through a different owner for each vacation!

But don’t think that buying means you are locked in! Timeshare owners can exchange through Interval International or RCI for access to thousands of resorts worldwide for a variety of timeshare adventures. Exchange companies allow any timeshare owner to trade their week in Orlando for an adventure in India, a coastal vacation in California, or an exciting skiing excursion in Colorado!

In short, owning or renting a timeshare means the best vacation for your family at the lowest cost! Explore Myrtle Beach timeshare resales today!